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Comprehensive Estate Planning

Prevent disputes over your financial legacy with estate planning from Raymond J. Pezzoli, Attorney At Law in Staten Island, New York. Attorney Pezzoli has been advising and helping clients with their wills and other estate matters for more than 40 years.
Ray Pezzoli

Advice & Guidance

Our attorney analyzes your estate and dispositioning in accordance with your requests. He also explains the effects of tax consequences on your estate, which helps you plan accordingly. Based on your needs, Raymond J. Pezzoli provides:

• Consultations and Advice Regarding Probate, Trust, Estate Planning, and Guardianship Law
• Drafting Wills, Trusts, and Any Other Legal Documents Needed to Handle Your Estate
• Representation in Court Involving Decedent Estates, Trusts, and Guardianships
• Representation in Court Involving Litigation on Contested Probate, Guardianships, and Trusts
• Representation in Court Involving the Internal Revenue Department and Other State Departments Involving Tax Issues

Contact our attorney for estate services that ensure your specific wishes are carried out to the letter.

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